New City Fellowship is built upon the reality that the gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives. Our reason for planting this church is to see this happen more and more in our community, so over the next few weeks you'll see stories of how this has already happened in our own church family.

Diego Carpio

Growing up as an immigrant with a definitive sense of being an outsider, Diego's life was changed when he was brought into a community that understood Jesus demonstrated His love by becoming a foreigner on our behalf.

Chelsea Gurney

Growing up in a home with violence and addiction, a struggle with self-protection and over-responsibility for others developed. But when Chelsea was shown Jesus' deep love for the broken-hearted through vulnerability in her small group her life was changed.

Will Klotz

Growing up in Manassas, hooked on cocaine and on a fast-track toward the judgement of God. Will encountered Jesus Christ, and the news of His cross and resurrection radically transformed his life.