A diverse community that proclaims the gospel and makes disciples for the glory of God and the renewal of our city.

New City Fellowship exists to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. The message of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection is so incredible and life transforming that it is our one main thing.  It’s our vision and core passion to proclaim this message in our gathered worship services, community life, neighborhoods, and ultimately around the world. 

The widespread city of Manassas is vastly and beautifully diverse, yet it is sadly segmented into pockets of different ages, ethnicities, races, and economic statuses, creating walls of division seldom crossed. Sadly, people in this area are so busy with stressful jobs and lengthy commutes that a culture of community and deep friendship is altogether absent. We envision New City Fellowship being a church filled with people from all walks of life, displaying the unifying power of the gospel which teaches us to love and experience deep fellowship with each other; especially those different from us. 

The people of this city are not only vastly diverse but also desperately broken as a result of sin; regardless of how they may look on the outside. The good news tells us that Jesus saves us at our worst but he doesn’t leave us that way. Imagine a community where meaningful transformation and growth is experienced in the lives of broken people. This is the exact type of discipleship we envision at New City. 

As we proclaim the gospel, and foster a diverse community of transformed disciples, what would happen to this city? As our people live under the values and authority of the heavenly city, our current fallen city filled with division, darkness, and brokenness would slowly be made new. 

For the glory of God, this is the church our Lord Jesus Christ has called New City Fellowship to be.