Need Help?

Please see our Resource list for community resources that might fit your needs. Individuals who would like to be paired with a community advocate are expected to be prepared to pursue God’s transformation in their life. Community Advocates are not social workers or case managers but they can direct individuals to professionals that can serve in that capacity.

If you are you interested in being paired with a Community Advocate, please fill out the google form on this web page and someone from our Community Advocacy team will respond to you within 24 hours over the phone and will schedule a meeting in person with you within a week (NOTE:THIS IS NOT EMERGENCY SERVICE, CAPACITY IS LIMITED)

Intake Form

If you are seeking assistance from New City Fellowship, or are helping someone reach out, please fill out the form below to begin the process.


Resource List

If you or someone you know needs help, we have compiled a number of resources from around Prince William County for your convenience.


The Mercy Ministry at New City exists to fulfill the vision of New City Fellowship in becoming a diverse community that proclaims the gospel and makes disciples for the glory of God and the renewal of our city. We believe that one avenue that we can do this is through meeting tangible needs and sharing the gospel within the church body and with our neighbors throughout Manassas .



We cannot change peoples lives without the power of the gospel, anything else, is a temporary fix. We will share the gospel briefly whenever possible


Every person has dignity and value as they are created in the image of God, we will treat them as such at all times. There is dignity when an able bodied person provides for themselves.


Development is the ongoing change process that moves someone into right relationship with God, self, others and creation that leads to sustainable living. Relief is urgent or one-time help that is often needed in a crisis or unsafe situation. There are times that relief is necessary, however, we will always lean towards long term sustainability and growth over a temporary fix when possible.  


The source of poverty is not material, but is ultimately due to broken relationship with God, self, others, and the rest of creation. The relationship is the context for lasting change.

Loving Our City


The mission of Community Advocacy at New City Fellowship is to engage, empower and evangelize individuals in our community who are struggling to have a safe and stable livelihood.

Community Advocates do this by:

  • Offering resources from the church body and through community referral

  • Provide one to one discipleship in order to help individuals thrive in a more healthy lifestyle that embraces community instead of isolation.

  • Welcome community members into loving relationship with the Church


New City Fellowship desires to be a gospel presence in the neighborhood of Georgetown South by partnering with our neighbors for their physical, social, emotional and spiritual renewal. We do this by supporting the GTS tutoring program through: 

  • Serving meals for kids

  • Being consistent tutors/mentors assisting with homework and providing social and spiritual guidance. 

  • Providing one to one mentorship as the youth enters middle school

  • Leading alternative programs when youth are out of school


Foster Care Support is one specific way that we care for our members who are fostering children, while serving the children in our community who are in need. We do this by: 

  • Providing mentors

  • Childcare

  • Meals

  • Meeting urgent material needs. 


Member Care Leads mobilize the church body to meet the needs of  NCF members and regular attenders. Leads look for tangible needs within the church body and  move towards them through service and the use of benevolence funds. Member Care functions as a secondary avenue of care, as community groups are the primary way members needs are met.

Want to Serve

If you would like to serve in any of these areas please email .We would love to know of any skills or resources that you would like to make available to those in need inside and outside of the church. We also offer training on how to engage in these sometimes challenging areas of ministry for followers of Christ.